Freedom from indoctrination is a Canadian value.

Jace Schlachter can't get secular education. (Source: CBC)
Jace Schlachter can’t get secular education. (Source: CBC)

The CBC is reporting that even in Canada, and even in the 21st century, you cannot assume that you can get access to government paid secular education. From Legal, Alberta:

A group of parents in Legal is fighting for their children to get a public education in their own home town.

“I absolutely would not have bought a house in Legal had I known there was no option for a public school education,” said Patricia Brown.

Parent Patricia Brown wants the province to provide a secular school program for children in Legal. (CBC)

Brown and her husband moved to Legal from Kitimat, B.C., two years, enticed by the low housing prices and tax rate.

This year, their son is in kindergarten and the couple began looking for schooling options.

But the town of just over 1,200 has just two schools — one half-empty Catholic school and one Francophone school already crammed to the rafters.

Non-Catholic students can attend Legal School, part of the Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools, but parents say opting out of religion class means sitting in the principal’s office for the hour.

“That’s not an option,” said Megan Thiel. “That’s segregation.”

From the CBC. Also reported on by My Secret Atheist Blog.

(From my wife.)


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