Weekly Review of Canadian Secular News for May 22

Missed the news I tweetedposted on Facebook or added to the Canadian Secularism hubub? Here is the week in review for Canadian news:

Cape Breton, NS
Pagans Protest Moment of Silence at Cape Breton Council Meeting
 (My Secret Atheist Blog) Pagans protest moment of silence for not being secular enough, and wasting time rather than getting down to business.

Toronto, ON
Toronto Streetcars Will No Longer Offer Special Sunday Stops Outside of Churches
 (Friendly Atheist) To speed up service, special stops outside of places of worship, as well as other general stops, will be halted. This means some people will have a longer walk, but routes will be traversed faster.

Ottawa, ON
Catholic schools allow persistent 12-year-old girls to open first Gay-Straight Alliance club in a Canadian Catholic school.
Reported on at My Secret Atheist Blog and the Friendly Atheist. From a secular perspective, there should not be tax payer funded religiously segregated schools.

Mount Pearl, NL
After Lesbians Buy Engagement Rings from Jewelry Store, Co-Owner Puts Up Sign Opposing Marriage Equality
(Friendly Atheist) The couple refuses to return to the store and pay to receive their ring from a business that is clearly bigoted against them. Eventually the store refunded their deposit.

Anti-abortion campaign takes on assisted suicide ruling in election year
(CBC) This is a continuing example of how some religious people want to take away peoples choice and force everyone to live by their particular interpretation of scripture, regardless of what different Christians and non-Christians believe.

Tessa Hill And Lia Valente, Grade 8 Activists, Say No To Sex-Ed Protests By Ontario Parents
(Huffington Post) A discussion of consent in the new sex-ed curriculum, the 13 year olds who got it included, and those against it.

See you all next week!


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