Weekly Review of Canadian Secular News for May 29

Missed the news I tweetedposted on Facebookto Google+ or added to the Canadian Secularism hubub? Here is the week in review for Canadian news:

Canada: Canadian Office of Religious Freedoms comes out with a timely condemnation of the death of atheist bloggers. Reported by My Secret Atheist Blog.

Secular Issue: Abortion access

Toronto: About 100 years ago abortion went from being a non-issue to a religious issue. Since then people have been taking their own, sectarian Christian interpretations and trying to make other Christians, and non-Christians, live by them. In the Greater Toronto Area the anti-choice Canadian Centre for Bio Ethical Reform’s anti-abortion material has been found at the doors of houses in Greater Toronto Area. Reported by My Secret Atheist Blog.

Secular Issue: Education and personal rights

Alberta: Private school denies Muslims students their rights to pray during free time. The Alberta Human Rights Commission decides in favour of the religious freedoms for the Muslim students. A secular country is not an anti-religious country. It’s a country where social institutions don’t interfere with one’s religion. Reported by the CBC. I missed this story when it originally came out in April.

Secular Issue: Prayer at City Council Meetings

Over at Canadian Atheist a post has gone up that explains why in a democracy prayer are city council is simply unacceptable.

The non-religious in the news

CBC’s Michael Enright asks atheists to stop whining publicly about being atheists. He thinks we have won the war. I’m tracking stories just in Canada that show things are still wrong in our country alone.

As Neil DeGrasse Tyson said, what we do, calling for secularism, we do not because we are atheists, but because we care, because we are humans. Want to know why atheist are constantly going on about stuff? Try watching or reading “Why Are You Atheists So Angry” by Greta Christina.


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