Weekly Review of Canadian Secular News for June 5th

Missed the news I tweetedposted on Facebookto Google+ or added to the Canadian Secularism hubub? Here is the week in review for Canadian news:

One city ends council prayer, another gets passive aggressive. Muslim soccer team makes opposing girls sit out. Sex-ed still causing men to get flushed in the face.

City Prayer

Cape Breton, NS: City council doesn’t have moment of silence as they said, but silent prayer instead. Also, they have crammed as much god as possible elsewhere in the agenda and before the meeting as disrespect to those who care about secularism and neutrality. One former councilor is taking legal action. Discussed on My Secret Atheist Blog.

Peterborough, ON: City council ready to end prayer at council meetings. Reported on by My Kawartha, discussed at My Secret Atheist Blog.

Education and Religion

Ontario Sex Education: The Toronto Star reports that things got so heated after a Catholic school board voted to follow the curriculum that they are required to follow, that police were called in to manage the concerned parents.

Toronto, ON: Muslim school must play soccer against teams with girls on them, according to rules. Reported on by CTV, National Post, Toronto Star and elsewhereHaving religiously segregated schools and segregating students by sex does not prepare students for the real world, or a future where all people work together. The young women chose to sit out so their team could attempt to score enough goals that would allow them to qualify to advance in the tournament. Discussed at My Secret Atheist Blog and the Friendly Atheist.


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