Weekly Review of Canadian Secularism for July 3

This Canada Day ushered it a weak with very little Secularism news. As always, this is the weekly review of the links I’ve been Tweeting, posting to Facebook as well as Google+.

Ontario:Court Upholds Decision Not to Grant Accreditation to Anti-Gay Christian Law School. My Secret Atheist Blog. Also discussed at the Friendly Atheist.

Alberta: Opinion article on private school disallowing prayer.

Canada: Humanist Canada responds to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, calling explicit attention to the role of Churches in sustaining the schools and their abuse after the abuses came to light over 100 years ago. Twitter user Ian Bushfield had a mixture of criticism and praise (but mostly criticism) over the response.

World: 16 Year Old Singaporean Atheist Blogger May Be Sentenced to Reeducation Camps & ‘Autism Treatment.’ My Secret Atheist Blog. Not Canadian news, but important none-the-less..


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