Programming Note

Good morning!

Things are going to change up by slowing down: I will be stopping my weekly reviews of Canadian secularism, and instead to be doing monthly reviews. That will at least be true until traffic picks up (justifying the extra work) or I get an editor who can help proof read my content. Preferably both. Look forward to the first monthly review roundup for July in the first week of August

I will continue posting news on the Facebook page, my Twitter account and on Google+ (though I’m considering getting a Google+ Page rather than using the account profile).

To all Canadians, who are religious, spiritual, generally non-religious or explicitly atheist: Stay secular!


2 thoughts on “Programming Note

  1. Hey Shawn
    I only just discovered your blog, so I’m sorry to hear you’re having to cut back. Hopefully election season will give you more fodder. Let me know if there’s anythign I can do to help.



    1. Thank you. I am still posting and hopefully will be posting more often. If traffic picks up I might be able to do the weekly digests again.

      I still hope to have all the same amount of content! Just released in large batches, which isn’t really ideal. But it still meets my needs: I wanted something that aggregated the Canadian news. So even if no one else uses it, I have my own record of what’s happening.



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