Secular Lynx Retiring

I have begun working with Spencer’s over at the NonConference’s Facebook page. I have found I have far greater reach there than anything I have been doing under the Secular Lynx’s name. Since my goal is to get Canadian secular news to as many people as possible, I’ve have partnered with Spencer to post the content to his page.

If you are interested in Canadian secularism, like the NonConference’s Facebook page. And don’t forget to click the “Liked” button’s drop down menu to set ‘See First’ in your news feed so you don’t miss as many of the posting.


3 thoughts on “Secular Lynx Retiring

      1. Yes, I was also following you on Google+, but nobody really seems to be using that. It’s a bummer, but totally understandable.

        Although perhaps you should look into mechanisms to automatically cross-post Facebook messages to other services. I can’t offer any leads because I’ve never done it myself, but I know many people who make single posts that automatically get published to Facebook, Twitter, Diaspora, GNU Social, Pump.io, Atom feeds, and more.


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