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This Week’s Secular Links: April 23rd

Fallout from the Pray decisions of last week:

New news:

Government Endorsement, Municipal Governments

City Prayers Illegal

The CBC reports that the Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that it’s illegal to open city council with prayer.

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled the municipal council in the Quebec town of Saguenay cannot open its meetings with a prayer.

In a unanimous decision today, the country’s top court said reciting a Catholic prayer at council meetings infringes on freedom of conscience and religion.

Government Endorsement, Municipal Governments

Ontario: No Christian Flag at City Hall in Windsor

Windsor is doing it right.

Shirley Walsh holding up the Christian flag (The Windsor Star).
Shirley Walsh holding up the Christian flag (The Windsor Star).

A Christian group wanted to fly a Christian Flag at Windsor City Hall on as part of their annual March for Jesus.

Shirley Walsh, a pastor at Cutting Edge International Church, said the white flag with the red cross on a blue square is not about religion but love.

“We are not a religion,” she said. “We don’t talk about anybody. I’d like to see where they saw discrimination on that flag. There’s nothing on it but a cross.”

The March for Jesus and the Christian Flag apparently have nothing to do with religion.

The City Hall is doing it right here. The should not be seen to be endorsing one religion or one set of religion over any other religions. Continue reading