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Secular Links for Saturday, March 28th

The Secular Lynx’s Secular Links is where we post small stories, interesting topics and continuing discussion to stories previously covered gather together for all you, my readers. Or if I may, to you secular lynxes.

Religious Privilege to Refuse to Work

Canada Post workers refuse to work

There are plenty of jobs where I have had to do things that were annoying or distasteful. But I don’t expect to be given special privileges not to do my job. Letter carriers have one job. To carry letters. Some don’t want to:

Toronto letter carriers are being threatened with discipline if they refuse to deliver a controversial newspaper that slams politicians from across the political spectrum with profanity, the postal workers union says.

Megan Whitfield, Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) Toronto local president, said a number of workers have raised objections to a newspaper Canada Post has been paid to distribute in the Beaches-East York area.

There are really two options: it’s something Canada Post should refuse to deliver, or Canada Post employees should have to deliver it. Our society will not be able to function if gears in the machine randomly stop working. Continue reading

Medicine, Religious Privilege to Refuse to Work

Christian Doctors on Right to Refuse Care

CBC is reporting that religious doctors want to refuse care: [Link contains news article and video.]

Christian medical professionals are challenging Ontario’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in court over a policy that requires doctors to provide or at least refer medical services, even when they clash with personal values.

Patients should be able to easily access their medical needs, and not be given the run around. You should not find out after you have selected a doctor or after you have made the appointment that your doctor will neither aid you, or refer you to someone who can assist you.

I might have more sympathy for the position of religious doctors who don’t want to provide complete patient care if not for the fact that we have a shortage of doctors in Canada. Because of the doctor brain drain of the 90s it is hard to get a doctor. Because of this doctors are put in a hard position.

However, doctors are routinely told to defer to their patients opinions on medical procedures, rather than the model of a century ago when doctors didn’t work with patients but merely decreed everything on their own. The patient-centred model means that sometimes patients will make the wrong choice. A logical extension of this is the patient making a choice against the doctor’s religion. It is frankly none of the doctors business, and the doctors role is to help the patient achieve their goals as quickly as possible, either by writing a prescription for birth control or referring for other services. Continue reading