Editorial Point of View

The Secular Lynx has a clear point of view based on contemporary secular ethics. We believe that all people should have equal opportunities in society, that all people should be judged equally on their merit before the law and that government should remain neutral with respect to religion.

A secular government is one that is never seen to be biased on the basis of religion.

  1. A secular government treats all groups equally. In other words, it does not give privileges to any religious group over any other religious group. This necessarily includes those of no religion.
  2. A secular government and its institutions should be joined with all citizens first, and all denizens second, without exception. It does not alienate any citizens, and should not alienate any non-citizen allowed to live here.
  3. A secular government cannot seem biased toward one religious group. This means that a review of a governments actions, including decisions to not act, should not appear to give a bias.

By government, we meant a government and its institutions, like schools. Number 3 is a challenge. Many Christians are used to have a privileged position. As we start to treat Christianity as equal in government and before the law, some feel persecuted. But, if you show that they are being treated the same as those who believe differently, then there is not apparent bias.

Secular ethics is based on real life consequences. This, we do not believe that there should be religious exemptions to laws that allow religious people to cause home. We also question the validity of laws that do not prevent real world harm.


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