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This Week’s Secular Links: April 23rd

Fallout from the Pray decisions of last week:

New news:

Government Endorsement, Municipal Governments

City Prayers Illegal

The CBC reports that the Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that it’s illegal to open city council with prayer.

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled the municipal council in the Quebec town of Saguenay cannot open its meetings with a prayer.

In a unanimous decision today, the country’s top court said reciting a Catholic prayer at council meetings infringes on freedom of conscience and religion.

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‘Bridging the Secular Divide’ conference


Over at My Secret Atheist Blog Sean McGuire is continuing to cover a questionable conference:

This would be the conference which aims to bring people together to investigate the process of reconciling secularism, religion and the common good. The problem is that all the speakers appear to be religious and I’m at a loss to find any secular representatives for them to bridge with.

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